About Us

New Hope Family Services is a Christian Ministry which reaches out to those with pregnancy, parenting, adoption, or post-abortion needs.

Our Mission Statement

To be Christ’s hands extended to offer hope and help to people with pregnancy, parenting, adoption, or post-abortion needs in the Syracuse area and throughout the State of New York.


  • Through a Christian ministry – that offers the hope of an abundant life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Through a loving pregnancy care program – that offers self-administered pregnancy tests, peer counseling, education and practical assistance to the women facing the fears and concerns of an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Through parenting education – that provides practical skills for developing successful family living to those who choose to parent.
  • Through adoption planning services – to birthparents who are not ready to be parents by offering hope for a better life for their child through adoption.
  • Through child placement services – to the child in need of a loving family and to adoptive parents facing the hopelessness of infertility.
  • Through post-abortion counseling and education – that provides hope and healing for the woman or man suffering the pain and loss of an abortion.
  • Through pregnancy loss counseling – that offers hope and encouragement to those who have experienced the pain of miscarriage, still birth or other infant loss.
  • Through abstinence education – that offers presentations designed for either public or parochial school settings and encourages young people to view abstinence as a realistic and attainable goal.