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Christine Goldman
Coordinator of Real Love Respects Abstinence Education
New Hope Family Services

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Real Love Respects Abstinence Program

Our Abstinence Education Program, titled “Real Love Respects” (RLR), has been offered to area school districts for over 18 years, reaching over 44,000 students. RLR is a carefully thought out abstinence-based program that covers most of the New York State mandated sex education curriculum and is based on factual statistics taken from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We offer various versions of our program, modified for public and Christian- based schools, in a curriculum designed for middle and high school students. We also offer our RLR program to area Youth groups and young adult-centered groups as well as a Parent info session. Our presenters are reputable, highly trained, and present with scripted material, but also are relatable and share real-life stories. We believe that educating our teens about the risks of engaging in pre-marital sex will help them make a more positive and rewarding choice. By encouraging our youth to think about their decisions beforehand and teaching them how to achieve this goal, they will be able to realize greater opportunities for their future and a healthier, risk-free lifestyle.


This presentation is uniquely designed to fit your curriculum, group or atmosphere.

It is available for open previewing by parents, educators and youth leaders upon request.

The presentations are adaptable for special needs, circumstances, and groups.

Our program is presented with accurate, up-to-date statistical information. Through student participation, demonstrations and skits, the students learn life-changing skills and healthy choices for their future.

The instructors are all trained by New Hope and sensitive to the needs of teens.

Through demonstrations, skits and actively involving the students, the RLR program covers:

  • That they are valuable no matter what choices they have made
  • That sexual abstinence is a realistic and attainable goal
  • That there are consequences to pre-marital sex:
    • Unplanned pregnancy
    • Sexually transmitted diseases
    • Emotional consequences
  • The advantages of waiting
  • Refusal skills and strategies
  • Healthy boundaries, personal and relational
  • How to make a fresh start

What the Teens are Saying

• "Thank you for reminding me that I can say NO, and wait for the time that is right for me.

• “I liked the honesty, openness and thank you for sharing your personal story from high school.”

• “I loved the "Advantages of Waiting” demo!”

• “The presenters are knowledgeable about teenagers and what we go through”

• “It helped me think about healthy choices for my future.”

• “I will remember... That no matter what choices I’ve made, I am valuable.”