One Birthmother’s Story

A good friend of my mother told us about New Hope.  We wanted to begin looking for the perfect family for my daughter.  When we got there, we asked a lot of questions.  Our caseworker was wonderful from the start.  She was patient with our questions and answered them all with kindness.  The birthfather and I eventually put together a list of qualities that we wanted in adoptive parents for our child.

We were then given a group of profiles to look through that met our needs.  Each profile told the story of a family anticipating adoption. Before long, we had found exactly what we were looking for.  It seemed too good to be true.  Each page made the family look better and better.  I gave birth to a beautiful little girl.  While I felt an immediate connection to her and felt a love for her that I had never known, I knew what was best for my little girl.

I spent two days with her in the hospital, and then said my goodbyes. When I got home, a strange peace came over me.  I knew I had made the right decision.  My parents and I were fortunate enough to meet the adoptive parents I chose.  We made an immediate connection that we still have today.  We talked, hugged and shared pictures. We promised to always write to each other and send pictures. *

The support of New Hope, family and my friends have brought me to where I am today.

* Note: Each birth parent determines the amount of openness they would like in their adoption plan.