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Mobile Unit Update

We made a BIG announcement at our fundraising event on September 24, 2020! We are excited to announce that New Hope will be partnering with Save the Storks to build our very own mobile ultrasound unit so we can bring help and hope to women in crisis no matter where they are. 

Picture 19.jpg

New Hope and Save the Storks believe that no woman should feel that abortion is her only option. A Save the Storks van will allow New Hope to take our services to women who are most vulnerable.


We can take our pregnancy support to the underserved in the city and out of town. It will allow us to have a highly visible presence near Planned Parenthood, near college campuses, the local high schools, and we can partner with other Syracuse ministries and churches.


It will allow us to reach clients who may have never heard of a pregnancy resource center and the services we offer. We will be able to more effectively reach and serve abortion-vulnerable women. We want to encourage and empower these women to choose life for their unborn babies.


We will be rolling out lots more information about the cost and other fundraising needs to launch this new ministry. We will keep you updated on the progression of this exciting opportunity!! Watch our Facebook and Instagram pages for more details coming soon!


Check out https://savethestorks.com/ for more information.

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