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Considering Adoption

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Your Choices

Are you pregnant and considering adoption? 

We are here to help and all of

our services to you are


Learn more about adoption, your pregnancy options, and our services to birth parents.

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> Explore your adoption choices

Considering Adoption?

We are here for you with support and encouragement to help you explore the options available to you.  Adoption is an option to consider during an unexpected pregnancy and New Hope Family Services can help by providing you with the information you need in a safe and supportive environment, free from persuasion or judgment.  

We can speak with you about the various types of adoptions and your legal rights.  We also will connect you to resources, as needed, and will cover any medical expenses that you or your child may incur. 

Our Adoption Services

New Hope Family Services offers the following adoption services to birth parents:​​

•    Options counseling before you decide
•    Pregnancy support
•    If you choose to parent, we will connect you with resources 
•    You will be able to choose a family for your child
•    Referrals for medical and financial assistance
•    Post-adoption counseling

Why Did I Choose Adoption?

 I chose adoption for my baby not because I didn't want her, but because I love her.

Your Next Steps >> 

Contact us to learn more about adoption and your pregnancy choices. All our services are confidential and free of charge to pregnancy and adoption clients.

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