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My Girlfriend Wants an Abortion, But I Don't

“I’m pregnant.”

Those two little words that turn your world upside down.

“And I think I’m going to get an abortion.”

Your heart stops for a minute...

Okay, that makes sense.

Wait, is that what I want?

It’s her choice, isn’t it? And I’m supposed to support her…

But what if you want to keep the baby? What if despite the timing of it all, and the pregnancy far from planned, you find yourself thinking about what it would be like to be a dad. You think I could do this.

But then you begin to feel lost. What are you supposed to say or do if she is planning on having an abortion?

Speak Up

Don’t wait. Tell her how you feel. Let her know that you will support her and your child.

Although the decision is ultimately up to her, knowing how you really feel about the pregnancy and being a dad helps her make a fully informed choice. It empowers her and you. Leave all your cards on the table. If you want to continue your relationship together – tell her. If you’re excited (and also a little scared) – tell her. She deserves to hear from you because she is making a decision that will impact your life too.

Be Compassionate

Ask questions in a kind and thoughtful way to find out why she’s considering an abortion. Don’t judge her responses or motivations. Listen and be a friend.

Often women who have had an abortion share they felt like it was their only option at the time. Many of our clients share they don’t think they’ll be supported or have the help they’ll need. They have concerns about school or their job or how they will make it all work.

If she brings up those concerns, let her know she is not alone. Show her your support and try to understand her point of view. Validate her concerns, then encourage her. Let her know just how strong and capable she is.

Find Support

An informed decision is an empowered decision. You both deserve to learn all the facts and find support and care. When you come to New Hope, we will share accurate, medical information on abortion and answer any questions you may have about the abortion pill, surgical abortion, and your other pregnancy options like parenting and adoption. We can provide her a free ultrasound so she can learn how far along she is, whether or not the pregnancy is viable, and speak to a nurse about any questions or concerns.

During your appointment, you can share your thoughts and concerns and learn more about your role. If she decides to continue the pregnancy, we offer classes for new parents.

We’re here for both of you every step of the way.

Make an appointment today. Remind her that there are supportive people in her corner to help her take all the time she needs to make a fully informed choice.


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