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Am I Pregnant - Online Test

Am I pregnant? It’s a commonly Googled question so we thought we help you figure out if you need to take the next step and get tested.

 Is your period more than two days late? A late period is usually one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.

 Have you felt any changes in your breasts? Soreness, heavier, nipple changes? Some women say that was the first physical change they notice. They often get larger and some describe it as a fever in their bra. Yow-za!

 Do any smells bother you? As in you can smell the neighbors fish from inside your own house. It’s kind of a pregnancy superpower – for the good or bad.

 Are you really tired but don’t have an explanation for it? If your body is creating a tiny human, tiredness is definitely normal.

 Do you have a metallic taste in your mouth? This is one of the strangest symptoms for sure.

 Are you bloated? Bloating is also a period symptom so if this is your only symptom, we wouldn’t worry.

 Do you have any other symptoms in combination? (headaches, nausea, food aversions, cravings) Nausea and vomiting can be tell-tell signs and are probably some of the most well known. Food aversions – things you used to like but suddenly don’t, or the opposite, cravings, are also common.

 How’s your emotional health? Are you experiencing mood swings or unexplained highs or lows? Emotional roller coasters are normal! Don’t worry, it gets better. 😊

 Have you experienced spotting that went away after a day or two? Spotting can be a sign of implantation bleeding. Implantation is when the embryo attaches itself to the uterine wall. Some people don’t bleed at all, while others do a small amount for a short period of time. Cramping can also occur at this time.

 Have you had unprotected sex or contraceptive failure this past month? Any time you have unprotected sex there is a risk of pregnancy or contracting an STD. Even if you always use protection, half of all unplanned pregnancies occurred while using some form of birth control.

Don’t guess, know for sure.

If you answer yes to a few of these questions, give us a call or send us a message. We provide free lab-grade pregnancy testing, and if needed, a diagnostic ultrasound which is the only way to  100% confirm whether you have a viable pregnancy.

New Hope also provides accurate information on abortion, adoption, and parenting so you can make a fully informed choice.

Even if you’ve already taken a home pregnancy test, come see us. We can provide confirmation and help you explore all your options in a safe, supportive place.

But girl, whatever you do next – stay. off. Google. 😉


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